50 shades of black and fewer differences than you think!


True. Black skin contains more dark melanin (eumelanin) while the white skin of redheads, for example, contains mostly phaeomelanin and virtually no eumelanin. Granules of melanin that are also larger and distributed in all layers of the epidermis.

False. Physiologically there is no difference. The thickness of the skin has nothing to do with the color of the complexion but with the genetic background of each woman.

False. No difference either on this point compared to fair skin? Some are mixed, oily, others are dry, hyper-dry or even atopic!

True. In any case if they do not resort to whitening treatments! The quality and richness in melanin protect them from ultraviolet rays. It is also for this reason that they do not age, or so little, enough to be jealous of all the "pale faces"!

True. It's even... a real anxiety and the 1st reason for consultation in dermatologists' offices!

Why? Because they are rich in melanin and the slightest ailment, from hair removal to an acne pimple, gives an inflammatory signal that pushes the skin to produce more melanin. The spots appear even without lesion. Black skin types also easily develop raised scars (keloid scars).

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