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L'Observatoire de la Santé et Top Santé présentent :

Peaux noires, mates et métisses : quels produits cosmétiques choisir ?

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To our delight, summer is coming! This is an opportunity to be extra vigilant and protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Did you know? Dark skin, like light skin, can be severely damaged by the sun.

Black skins are prone to hyperpigmentation, a skin phenomenon that causes the appearance of brown spots following an overproduction of melanin, initially produced to protect the skin.

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Never have health and the precautionary principle been so significant in France. If we take care of ourselves, of our diet, the same goes for our skin and the skin products with which we nourish it.

Exit all dangerous and harmful products that accentuate the problems instead to treat them!

The fragility and sensitivity of black, dark and mixed-race skin find answers thanks to the Château Rouge Laboratory.

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